Disciples living the Story of Jesus.


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Each year, the Church takes a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. He is the point of our faith. His work in bringing about the reality that death no longer holds any power. His is the rescue of humanity from a life separate from our Creator. In this time, we rejoice, sing, read the story, hear why this is important to our everyday lives, and celebrate together.


Narrative makes some great coffee! Join us at 9:30am for a variety of breakfast foods and delicious pour-over coffee. Meet some new people; spend time with people you know - it’s a party!


Join us as we worship. There will be singing, Bible readings, a sermon on the rescue of Easter, and together we will celebrate communion. If you are curious about who Jesus is and what He has done for us, this will give you a taste of that. Worship starts around 10:00am.