Disciples living the Story of Jesus.

Matt Doering


Role at Narrative: Worship and Community Director

Matt’s story:

I was born the youngest of three children in Houston, Texas, spending my formative years enjoying Astros games, trips to Galveston, and playing outside with friends - all activities I enjoy to this day.

God made me His own through baptism on the day I was born. I was born ten weeks early and my parents didn’t know what the road to recovery would look like for me. They did know, however, that through simple water and God’s forgiveness, I would be adopted into God’s family. Since then, God has continued to lead and guide me. Growing up, I always wanted to be the best, and at times it lead me to be overly critical of myself and others; leaning more on having the “right answers” and less on loving my neighbor. As I got older, God made Matthew 22:34-40 a huge part of my life, reminding me that I was/am called to love Him and love others with the same great love He has shown me through the sacrifice of His Son.

After high school graduation, I moved to Austin to attend Concordia University Texas. Throughout those four years, I served in various ministries and played music with different churches and worship groups. After my graduation in 2013, I married my wife Deanna. As Deanna finished her nursing degree at CTX, I interned with a local church as a Director of Christian Education. When Deanna graduated, we moved to State College, Pennsylvania, where I worked as a DCE ministering to a local church and to the students of Penn State University. We just moved back to Texas in the summer of 2018 and are looking forward to where God is leading Narrative Church!